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Chillin Air offers Air Conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services in Merritt Island, Florida and the surrounding area.
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Chillin Air

Chillin Air offers Air Conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services in Merritt Island, Florida and the surrounding area.
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Air Conditioning Repair, Installation and Maintenance in Merritt Island

Chillin Air is an Air Conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance company offering prompt and professional service to customers in Merritt Island, Florida and surrounding area communities. For emergencies, you may call us at 321.626.7679. To schedule an appointment you may call us or visit the contact us page to email us.

AC Repair

AC Repair

Air Conditioner Installation

AC Installation

Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Chillin Air is a Certified and Insured Florida Business

Chillin Air is a certified and insured Florida business, which means you can be confident in our ability to safely install your new AC unit or repair an existing air conditioning system. Our technicians are trained to install cooling systems that are designed to meet the needs of your home or office environment. Because every home and office will have different needs, we will discuss your usage patterns to ensure the unit we install meets your needs.

Certification #P39679F2B590F9DB1
Insurance Policy #0185FL00093596

We Provide Service in Merritt Island and the Surrounding Area

Chillin Air is proud to offer our services to customers in Merritt Island and the surrounding area. If you are not sure if we provide service to your area please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scott Hubbard

Scott is a certified AC repair and installation technician dedicated to providing you with fast and professional service.

Merritt Island

We love Merritt Island, but we all know how hot it gets in the summer, which is why we recommend our air conditioner maintenance services.

Home and Office

We offer home and office, residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation services for all types of structures.
Chillin Air Repairman

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your air conditioner using a checklist that includes, but is not necessarily limited to inspection of the items listed below. Depending on the type, age and condition of the AC unit we may inspect additional parts of the system to ensure it continues to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Refrigerant level
  • Check for dirt and debris
  • Inspect coils
  • Check for proper drainage
  • Inspect motor
  • Check all wiring
  • Inspect compressor
  • Check tubing for damage
  • Check fan blades for damage
  • Ensure older models are lubricated
  • Clean blower components
  • Confirn proper air filter usage

We Have Answers to Your AC Needs!

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